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Your skin is our canvas. Our professional estheticians are trained in identifying skin types and tailoring a plan to create healthy glowing skin based on your unique needs.



Sensitive skin is defined as heightened intolerance to topical products or environmental factors. This could be from a genetic predisposition in cases of chronic conditions like Rosacea. More often however, sensitivities are due to the use of synthetic ingredients such as dyes and fragrances or even to natural organic ingredients such as some botanicals, mineral oil or lanolin.



Acne is caused by an abundance of skin cells which clog the pore and asphyxiate the skin. This allows the P. acne bacteria in the follicle to proliferate and create pus filled infections. Proper balancing of the natural oils in the skin and gentle exfoliation to keep the pores clear will help to manage this condition. In more advanced acne conditions, the use of antibacterial therapy may be needed.



Aging is caused by genetic and environmental factors that break down the strength of the collagen and elastin over time. Other symptoms of environmental stress may include rough texture, larger pores, and drier skin due to the loss of hormones. Anti-aging skincare that includes vitamins, peptides, moisture, and sunscreen is critical to supporting the skin over time.



Hyperpigmentation is the appearance of discoloration caused by hormones, light exposure, and/or trauma to the skin. To treat and control this condition, regular use of brightening ingredients is crucial. Many people seek out treatment for this concern in the fall after spending time outdoors over the summer months.


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Our Facial Services

Signature Facial

Our Signature facial is the perfect maintenance treatment to stay on track for healthy beautiful skin.


Skin Brightening Facial

Our Skin brightening facial is designed to help remove toxins and improve dull sluggish skin.


Corrective Facial

Our corrective facial extensively addresses your skincare concerns such as acne and premature aging.


Teen Facial

Our teen facial is designed to treat and teach your teen about skincare.


Back Facial

Our back facial is designed specifically for that hard to reach, often neglected part of the body.


Express Facial

Our express facial is perfect for our busy client that needs a quick refresher.



Enzymatic treatment
L.E.D. Light Therapy
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Chemical Peel Treatments

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Monthly Membership


(over $250 value)
  • 1 Express service per month
    ($150 value Level 1 maintenance treatment)
  • 1 Complimentary cleanser, moisturizer or sunscreen
  • 10% Off any corrective or additional skincare products
  • 15% Discount of any add-on service to treatment – unlimited

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Bridal Package*


($700 value)
  • Consultation to determine course of treatment
  • 4 Customized treatments with NO upgraded add-on charges
  • 2 week skincare regimen product package
  • Treatments are timed specifically with wedding date in mind.
  • Last treatment designed to pamper our brides and give a bridal glow.

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Custom Corrective Skin Care Package*

3 Treatments $400

($550 value)
  • Consultation to determine course of treatment
  • 3 custom corrective facial treatments
  • 1 Post procedure kit
  • 5% Off any additional products purchased at time of treatment.

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